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Goofram on Twitter

I knew people had been twittering about Goofram, but I had no idea how many! So thanks for all those tweets! Even if none of you are inclined to leave comments on my non-microblog blog In case you want to check out any of the latest ones, you can watch some of them scroll by [...]
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Downtime due to translations

The site started choking on a Turkish translation file which caused some downtime. Though I had tested things out, the problem didn’t develop until someone actually viewed the site in Turkish! The problem has been located, and I yanked a little of the multilingual stuff until I can test it out further… Thanks for your [...]
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Goofram gettin Localized

The Google side of things should now be displaying in your preferred language, which is half the battle. Wolfram Alpha doesn’t really have any language settings yet, so you’ll just have to put up with English on that side of your screen. If Google isn’t properly localized, first make sure your browser actually knows what [...]
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Lifehacker likes Goofram

I’m sure a lot of our visitors here already know it, but Lifehacker likes Goofram. Click the link to read the full review!
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Goofram on Geekissimo

Goofram was reviewed on the Italian site Geekissimo. Grazie!
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Fixed IE search provider bug

There was a problem with the JSON search suggestions for the search provider in Internet Explorer. Basically, IE 7 doesn’t understand them. So now Internet Explorer users get their very own version. What it means for you is that if you click on the ^ add Goofram to your quick searches button in the upper [...]
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Hello world!

I’ll be posting news and updates about here. I know, it’s a little plain right now, but it works. Enjoy!
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